I am an economist studying healthcare for vulnerable populations.  I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy at Stanford University.

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Alex Moguel


Working Papers

"Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounce-Back?" with Tatyana Deryugina and Jonathan Gruber. NBER Working Paper 27505. Submitted.

"Missing Black Men? The Impact of Non-Reporting on Estimates of Labor Market Outcomes for Black Men" with Ariella Kahn-Lang Spitzer. Revisions requested, Journal of Labor Economics

"Healthcare Provider Bankruptcies" with Samuel Antill, Jessica Bai, and Ashvin Gandhi. AEA RCT Registry link.


Sabety, Adrienne,  Hannah Neprash, Marema Gaye, Michael Barnett. "Clinical and Utilization Outcomes After Cessation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy Due to Prescriber Exit: Quasi-Experimental Difference-in-Differences Study." Published online, May 16, 2024. British Medical Journal.

Sabety, Adrienne, Jonathan Gruber, Jin Yung Bae, and Rishi Sood. "Reducing Frictions in Healthcare Access: The ActionHealthNYC Experiment for Undocumented Immigrants." American Economic Review: Insights, 2023, 5(3): 327-46.

Sabety, Adrienne. "The Value of Relationships in Healthcare." Journal of Public Economics, 2023; 225(104927).

Marone, Victoria R and Adrienne Sabety.  "When Should There Be Vertical Choice in Health Insurance Markets?" American Economic Review, 2022; 112 (1): 304-42.   Non-technical summary.

Sinsky, Christine, Tait Shanafelt, Liselotte Dyrbye, Adrienne Sabety, Lindsey Carlasare, Colin West. "Healthcare Expenditures Attributable to Primary Care Physician Overall and Burnout-Related Turnover: A Cross-Sectional Analysis." Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2022; 97(4): 693-702 .

Sood, Rishi, Jin Yung Bae, Adrienne Sabety, Pui Ying Chan, and Caroline Heindrichs. "ActionHealthNYC: Effectiveness of a Health Care Access Program for the Uninsured, 2016-2017." American Journal of Public Health, 2022; 111(7): 1318-1327.

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Sherry, Tisamarie, Adrienne Sabety, and Nicole Maestas.Documented Pain Diagnoses in Adults Prescribed Opioids: Results From the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 2006–2015.” Annals of Internal Medicine, 2018; 169 (12): 892-894.

Sherry, Tisamarie, Adrienne Sabety, and Nicole Maestas. 2019.Documented Pain Diagnoses in Adults Prescribed Opioids: Results From the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, 2006–2015 - In Reply.” Annals of Internal Medicine, 2019; 171(4): 307-308.

In Progress

"The Consequences of Forgone Health Care" with Tatyana Deryugina and Jonathan Gruber

"The Effect of Recovery Housing on Patients' Health, Housing, and Employment Outcomes" with Mary Kate Batistich and Bill Evans

"A Room at the Inn: Understanding the Impact of Maternity Housing" with Jessica Brown and Bill Evans

In the field. AEA RCT Registry link

“The Impact of Cash on Social Determinants of Health” with Mary Kate Batistich and James Sullivan

AEA RCT Registry link. Stanford Daily story.

"Loans Targeting Housing Insecurity" with Rob Collinson and Winnie van Dijk

In the field. AEA RCT Registry link. LA Times story.